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The "rested heart" is the heart's search for peace and tranquility. By sharing here I hope to do just that and when others share here via their comments, the effect is magnified.

My daughter was diagnosed in December 2010 with cancer (Wilm's tumor) that has turned my life upside down.

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Eiman Abdelmoneim

—Conditioning & Bias

Speech I gave at M.E.C.C.A in Willowbrook on April 18th.  Here I introduce the concept of implicit conditioning and ask the question: to what degree are ideas we take as absolutes actually driven by either conscious/sub-conscious conditioning.  

For those interested in the Harvard Implicit Association test I mention, you can get more information (and take a test if you want) here.

What hospice calls ‘the five things of relationship completion’ - saying ‘I forgive you’; ‘forgive me’; ‘thank you’; and ‘goodbye’

From the book Dying Well by Ira Byock.

Heard an interview of Dr Byock on NPR’s On Being that prompted me to get the book. He has specialized in caring for the dying and this book has very moving stories of people in those last days.


When asked for comment, everyone in New York City said “why are you talking to me?”

There Are Three Americas Hiding Inside Our Country—Which Do You Live In?

Was surprised how dark Illinois was on the creativity scale.